Decentralized Social Media web app using Ethereum Blockchain.

Team Details

Team Name : TECH MINDS

id: 72a0c21c36

Project Description

A completely decentralized social media website that enables users to interact with their friends and relatives without compromising their privacy and personal info. It has all the functionalities of a traditional social media app like user profiles, friends, feed, posts, chat, etc. All the data including image files will be stored in a secure decentralized network(IPFS) and no entity ( government or private) has any control over it, thus giving the users total assurance of their privacy.
But due to lack of time we were only able to do upto the stage where we can add photos in ethereum blockchain with a user defined description.
And insted we also added a feature where other users can tip some amount of Ethers for a given post.

Team Members:

  1. Achyuth Mohan
  2. Adithya Ajith
  3. Jagannath E Shahi
  4. Jaison Dennis

? Project UI:

Project Diagram

Steps To run the project:

git clone
cd Blockchain-decentragram
git checkout master
npm install
npm start

Contracts Deployment settings:

  1. Create an account in
  2. Create new project and inside contracts folder add a new solidity file named contracts.sol.
  3. Inside contracts file paste the contracts.sol file contents from our projects.
  4. Make the settings into web 3 mode and compile.
  5. Next connect the local metamask account with remix in Rinkeby Ethereum mode.
  6. Deploy the project and paste the generated address into our networks section in package-lock.json file.

Technologies used:

React js for Front-End, Web3 js, npm truffle, solidity for contracts scripting and Ethereum blockchain.


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