Design system with Storybook

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Sign in page created with components

Design system with all the components

⚡️ The Project

This project is design system created with ReactJs, Tailwind CSS and Storybook, based on the online event RocketSeat IgniteLab 3.

? Features

  • Documentation with Storybook
  • UI testing with Storybook

?️ Used Tecnologies

⚙️ Dependencies

?️ Getting Started

  1. Clone this repository:
git clone && cd reactjs-lab-design-system
  1. Go to the folder you cloned the repository and install all dependencies
  1. Start the app
yarn dev
  1. Go to the file localhost:3000 to see the app working

? Storybook

Deployed design system

Run design system

yarn storybook

Run tests

yarn test-storybook


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