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Developer-friendly React component to display responsive user avatars. Avatar images are powered by UI Avatars. Some wilder variations can be seen here.

Basic Usage

npm install react-avatar-group

import React from 'react';
import AvatarGroup from 'react-avatar-group';

function App() {
  return (
      avatars={["James", "Amy", "Will" /* or IAvatar objects */]}


avatars: (string | IAvatar)[]

Array of strings with avatar names or Avatar object for more control

onAvatarClick?(avatar: string | IAvatar, index: number): any

Click handler for individual avatars

max?: number

Limit the number of avatars that can be shown at once. If the avatar array length is greater than this number, an overflow avatar will be shown detailing how many avatars are hidden.

displayAllOnHover?: boolean

If max is provided and displayAllOnHover is true, even the overflowing avatars will be shown when the mouse hovers over the group element

square?: boolean

Should the avatars be square instead of rounded

size?: number

Avatar image size in pixels. Between: 16 and 512

randomBackgroundColors?: string[]

Array of Hex colors to choose from as background colors, without the hash (#). This will be overridden by backgroundColor

shadow?: number

Box-shadow elevation as an integer from 1 to 5

style?: React.CSSProperties

avatarStyle?: React.CSSProperties

Styles applied to all individual avatar components

hideTooltip?: boolean

Don’t display a tooltip when the mouse hovers over an individual avatar

fontSize?: number

Font size in percentage of size. Between 0.1 and 1

uppercase?: boolean

Decide if the API should uppercase the name/initials

bold?: boolean

Boolean specifying if the returned letters should use a bold font

initialCharacters?: number

Length of the generated initials

backgroundColor?: string

Hex color for the image background, without the hash (#). Overrides randomBackgroundColors

fontColor?: string

Hex color for the font, without the hash (#)

tooltipStyle?: React.CSSProperties

Styles applied to all tooltips

tooltipArrow?: boolean

Display a small arrow on the tooltip


This is an object that can be passed in the avatars array (instead of a string) for more control over individual avatars. All of these props will override the corresponding ones above.

avatar: string

The required avatar string

tooltip?: string

Custom text to put in the tooltip, rather than the avatar string

backgroundColor?: string

fontColor?: string

style?: React.CSSProperties

fontSize?: number

Built With


  1. Allow for custom image urls
  2. Codepen example
  3. Avoid global tooltip css