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The Discord Clone Project is an immersive full-stack web application designed for real-time communication and collaboration within online communities. Developed using cutting-edge technologies such as Next.js 14, React, Socket.io, Prisma, TailwindCSS, and MySQL, this clone provides a dynamic and responsive platform for users to engage seamlessly. From instant messaging with Socket.io to multimedia channels and 1:1 video calls, the Discord Clone delivers a comprehensive communication experience.

🌐 Key Features:

  • Real-time messaging using Socket.io
  • Send attachments as messages using UploadThing
  • Delete & Edit messages in real time for all users
  • Create Text, Audio and Video call Channels
  • 1:1 conversation between members
  • 1:1 video calls between members
  • Member management (Kick, Role change Guest / Moderator)
  • Unique invite link generation & full working invite system
  • Infinite loading for messages in batches of 10 (tanstack/query)
  • Server creation and customization
  • Beautiful UI using TailwindCSS and ShadcnUI
  • Fully responsivity and mobile UI
  • Light / Dark mode
  • Websocket fallback: Polling with alerts
  • ORM using Prisma
  • MySQL database using Railway
  • Authentication with Clerk

Working Videos



Live chat in channel


Direct chat with user and video call


search users, channels and infinite loading


Deployed on Railway.app

Dicord Clone

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