This package enhances the Docusaurus classic theme by exposing the docs, blog, and pages front matter to the following components and their children:

Furthermore, this allows you to define and access custom front matter.

Release Version


yarn add docusaurus-theme-frontmatter

Then, include the plugin in your docusaurus.config.js file.

// docusaurus.config.js
module.exports = {
+ themes: ['docusaurus-theme-frontmatter'],

TypeScript support

To enable TypeScript support, the TypeScript configuration should be updated to add the docusaurus-theme-frontmatter type definitions. This can be done in the tsconfig.json file:

  "extends": "@tsconfig/docusaurus/tsconfig.json",
  "compilerOptions": {
+    "types": ["docusaurus-theme-frontmatter"]

How to use

The useFrontMatter() hook is made available to any of your components through the @theme/useFrontMatter import. For example, you might have a component that creates a gallery of images.

title: Miniature fairy doors of NYC
hide_table_of_contents: true
  - /images/117-first-avenue.jpg
  - /images/lower-east-side.jpg
  - /images/my-guinness.jpg
  - /images/hundred-years.jpg
import Galley from '@theme/Galley';

<Galley />

import React from 'react';
import ImageGallery from 'react-image-gallery';
import useFrontMatter from '@theme/useFrontMatter';

export default function GalleyComponent () {
  const { gallery } = useFrontMatter();

  if (Array.isArray(gallery)) {
    const images = => ({
      original: image

    return <ImageGallery items={images} />;

  return null;

Public API

useFrontMatter<T extends FrontMatter>()

Returns the front matter for the current context.

import useFrontMatter from '@theme/useFrontMatter';

interface CustomFrontMatter {
  gallery?: string[];

const MyComponent = () => {
  const { gallery } = useFrontMatter<CustomFrontMatter>();
  return (<... />);


The current front matter context.

Generally, this is something to be left alone and operates behind the scenes. This is how it is used to enhance DocItem scaffolding the hook:

import { Context } from '@theme/useFrontMatter';
import DocItem from '@theme-init/DocItem';
import React from 'react';

export default (props) => <Context.Provider value={props.content.frontMatter}>
	<DocItem {...props} />

FrontMatter, DocItemFrontMatter, BlogPostItemFrontMatter, MDXPageFrontMatter

These types are provided to assist in describing the values returned by the useFrontMatter() hook.

import useFrontMatter from '@theme/useFrontMatter';
import type { DocItemFrontMatter } from '@theme/useFrontMatter';

const MyComponent = () => {
  const { id, title, keywords } = useFrontMatter<DocItemFrontMatter>();
  return (<... />);


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