A dynamic UI library that allows you to build pages using drag and drop components and configurations.

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To start

npm i
npm start

Edit src/index.js (your component)

To view your component in isolation with a basic webpack dev server:


npm run dev

Edit /srctest/app.js to change the parent environment, pass in props, etc.

To test your component in another project (locally), before publishing to npm:

Build this project:

npm run build

In this project’s root directory, type:

npm link

And then, in the project (root dir) you would like to use your component:

npm link my-awesome-component

For this example I’ve used the package name my-awesome-component. This creates a symlink of your package in your project’s node_modules/ dir. Now, you may import the component in your test project, as if it was a normally installed dependancy:

import MyAwesomeComponent from 'my-awesome-component'

If you’re using a hot-reload system, you should be able to observe any changes you make to your component (as long as you build them)

To publish your component to npm

In the root directory, type:

npm publish

npm docs on publishing packages

A note on webpack configs and the dev server:

There are two webpack configs.

  • One for building the published component webpack.publish.js
  • One for viewing the component in the dev server. webpack.testServer.js

Note that they are separate, so any additions you make will have to be mirrored in both files, if you want to use the dev server. If anyone knows a better way to do this, please let me know.


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