Fresh8 React Component

Dynamically inject Fresh8 ads into your React app. This project is mostly a React wrapper around the Fresh8 Javascript Module.


This project is auto compiled from ES2015 to ES5 by Babel, if you'd like to use the ES2015 code directly you can require it by doing the following:

import Fresh8ReactComponent from 'fresh8-react-component/src';

Getting started

  • npm install fresh8-react-component --save
  • import Fresh8ReactComponent from 'fresh8-react-component';

Installation ID's and Slot ID's

During your on-boarding process you'll receive a unique set of ID's for the publications, websites and applications you want to display ads on. We refer to these as "installation ID's", each ID is unique to the publication and allows you to control the ads via our console. Along with these you'll also receive a set of slot ID's that determine what sizes of ad creative will be served to your publications, you can see a list of available slots here.


The React component takes all it's configuration as props, below is a list of all the available props.


Monkey patches the window.history.pushState function to emit an event, on receipt of this event the ads will reload. Useful for single page apps that don't reload the page on navigation.

Key Value Required Default
listenOnPushState Boolean N false


This controls if the ads should try and break out of iframe's and append to the most top window. It does this by looping over all the window.parent properties until there are no more or an error is throw because of a browser security exception. This is useful if you want to inject the ads via a third party ad manger that uses iframe's but still want the ads to be displayed in the correct element outside of the iframe.

Key Value Required Default
shouldBreakOut Boolean N false


This defines if the ads are being used inside of a web view in Android/iOS.

Key Value Required Default
inApp Boolean Y false


The installation ID for the publication you want to create ads for.

Key Value Required Default
instID String Y undefined


The slot size that you'd like to request an for.

Name Type Required Default
slotID String Y undefined


This is a query selector string that defines where the ad will be appended on the page.

Name Type Required Default
appendPoint String Y undefined


This allows you to override the default URL that the classification engine uses when determining sports, teams and players are in your content. By default this will use the window.location, unless canonical link tag is found on the page.

Key Value Required Default
url String X window.location or <link rel="canonical">


View is used for targeting and identifying specific views/pages in the Fresh8 Console. For example you might want to just do a specific set of ads on the football view pages.

Key Value Required Default
view String X ''


An optional redirection URL used for tracking .E.G a Google DFP click macro %%CLICK_URL_ESC_ESC%%.

Name Type Required Default
clickTrackingRedirect String X ''


An optional sport value used for targeting overrides, for example cricket.
Note: Sport is required if competitors or competitions are added as part of the config.

Key Value Required Default
sport String X ''


An optional Opta ID used for targeting overrides.
Note: Opta ID's are only supported for football currently.

Key Value Required Default
matchID String X ''


Optional Opta ID's used for targeting overrides.
Note: Opta ID's are only supported for football currently.

Key Value Required Default
competitorIDs Array X []


An optional competitors array used for targeting overrides, for example ['Manchester United', 'Southampton'].

Key Value Required Default
competitors Array X []


Optional Opta ID's used for targeting overrides.
Note: Opta ID's are only supported for football currently.

Key Value Required Default
competitionIDs Array X []


An optional competitions array used for targeting overrides, for example ['Premier League'].

Key Value Required Default
competitions Array X []


This is an example of the simplest configuration possible:

<Fresh8ReactComponent instID='40410' slotID='f8-003'/>

Contributing and Developing


  • build: Compiles the code to ES5 into the dist folder