Generate charts from text Made with create-react-app and cytoscape.js

How to Run

  1. git clone
  2. cd flowchart-fun
  3. yarn
  4. yarn start

This repository is organized in workspaces. /app contains the code for https://flowchart.fun and /module contains the code for the flowchart-fun npm module

For more information on developing, check out create-react-app's README

NOTE – the module is no longer maintained

Feedback / Backend Functionality

This app sends emails using Sendgrid and Vercel's serverless functions.

It's possible to run this app without the feedback functionality, but if you do wish to run it with the feedback functionality you will need to deploy it on vercel and set the REACT_APP_FEEDBACK_TO and SENDGRID_API_KEY environment variables.


This repo is always open to contributions. Before opening a PR with a new feature, consider opening an issue or discussion to gauge support and confirm your implementation.