Salinaka | E-commerce react app

Simple ecommerce react js app with firebase [typescript]. Firebase Deploy

Live demo

Salinaka screenshot Salinaka screenshot Salinaka screenshot Salinaka screenshot

Run Locally

1. Install Dependencies

$ yarn install

2. Create a new firebase project

Login to your google account and create a new firebase project here

Create an .env file and add the following variables.

// SAMPLE CONFIG .env, you should put the actual config details found on your project settings


After setting up necessary configuration, create a Database and choose Cloud Firestore and start in test mode

3. Run development server

$ yarn dev

Build the project

$ yarn build

How to add products or perform CRUD operations for Admin

  1. Navigate to your site to /signup
  2. Create an account for yourself
  3. Go to your firestore collection users collection and edit the account you’ve just created. Change the role from USER to ADMIN.
  4. Reload or sigin again to see the changes.

Firebase Admin to be integrated soon


  • Admin CRUD operations
  • Firebase authentication
  • Firebase auth provider authentication
  • Account creation and edit


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