Cafe NFT dAPP ☕


Clone and install the dependencies:

git clone <url>
cd cafe-nft
yarn add

Create a .env file and fill it with something like this:


Run it:

yarn start


This repo shows an example of a website which is integrated to an ERC721 NFT contracts.

The libraries used in the front end are:

  • React.js
  • React Router
  • React Bootstrap
  • Web3.js


Connect to wallet

This will trigger a connection between the website and the Metamask plugin. Once done, Metamask will say that it is
connected to the website.

Number of tokens left

This shows how many tokens are available to buy. What basically this does is get the number of maximum supply and
subtract it with the total supply.


This button will create a transaction to the smart contract and sending 0.05 ether.

Owned NFT

This page shows the user the NFT they already owned. The images are not saved in the web server. They are fetched from
the IPFS the images reside.


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