Real time chat app

Example of chat web application using Socket.IO with the MERN stack
Client in React, Server in Node.js/Express
On login user can set an avatar for the chat
All messages saved in MongoDB database
After user enters, they can see history of chats (10 last messages)

Clone repository in target path

$ git clone

Install dependencies

Go to each folder (client and server) and enter this to install dependencies

$ yarn install

Have a .env file in the server folder with the following data

MONGODB_URL='<mongo db url>'
CLOUDINARY_CLOUD_NAME='<cloudinary cloud name>'
CLOUDINARY_API_KEY='<cloudinary api key>'
CLOUDINARY_API_SECRET='<cloudinary secret key>'

Go to server folder and run in local development

$ yarn start-dev

Go to client folder and run in local development

$ yarn watch


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