An messaging app buil on React and Redux with for real time chatting as MERN project you can make a gruop chat as well Login and sigup authenicate with bcrypt and json web token and complete chat is saved on Mongodb

Registration Page

User can add their profile picture and all the state and fetching is handle by redux

Screenshot (96)

If user want to login they can click on Already have on accound

Screenshot (97)


user can serch any member in input box

Screenshot (88)

Search feature with regex

Screenshot (91)

Chatting Page

user can send emoji as well by hitting enter or a send button

Screenshot (101)

Emojy box

Screenshot (98)

When user chatting with different user then I am sending a notification

Screenshot (100)

Group Chat

Screenshot (89)

Create Group

User can make a group by just clicking on a option of new group in left side navbar

Screenshot (92)

User can search member in this box as well

Screenshot (94)

If user wan’t to add he have to click or wan’t to remove they can by clicking on cross sign

Screenshot (95)


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