DataGridXL 2

Excel-like Experience for Web Apps

Built in JavaScript ES6. Made in the 2020s.

DataGridXL Screenshot

  • ✅ Works with JSON
  • ✅ Works with CSV
  • ✅ Works with SQL
  • ✅ Works with React
  • ✅ Works with Vue
  • ✅ Works with Angular

The performant data grid

DataGridXL is the new grid on the block™! Written in Javascript ES6, made in the 2020s and built with performance & usability in mind.

Why DataGridXL?

1. Just like Excel & Google Sheets

Keyboard, mouse and touchscreen controls are familiar to your users.

2. Lightweight & Super Fast

No dependencies. Display thousands of rows & columns. No hiccups!

3. Programmer Friendly

Dozens of demos, extensive docs, even an interactive API playground.

4. Built in the 2020s

Backed by a store & state model, just like React. Modern and reliable.

5. Top Notch Support

Support is fast and includes live code examples.

6. Framework Compatible

React, Angular, Vue and the next big thing: DataGridXL is compatible.

See it in action:

See how DataGridXL powers live Web Apps & Get Inspired!


Convert table data from any format to any format. E.g. JSON to Markdown or CSV to XML.


Edit CSV files online just like Google Sheets. No need to sign up!


Include datagridxl.js in your web page HTML file:

<script src=""></script>

Then, run this code inside your HTML/JS:

<div id="grid" style="height:400px;"></div>
var grid = new DataGridXL("grid");


This DataGridXL software is free under a linkware license.

This means you may not remove or hide in any other way link to DataGridXL
web site –

If you wish to remove the link, you should purchase commercial license.

You may not redistribute, sublicense or sell this program without written
permission of Vanilla Components, the creator of DataGridXL software.

This software is provided without warranty.

Commercial license

To purchase a commercial license for the current version of this library, visit
DataGridXL Online Store

More info

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