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✅ Travel Advisor

Explore all information about Restaurants, Hotels and Attractions around you ? ?

Link ? https://travel-advisor-minhtran.netlify.app/

Travel Advisor


Build and Deploy an advanced Travel Companion Application using Google Maps. With Geolocation, Google Maps API, Searching for places, Fetching restaurants, hotels and attractions based on location from specialized Rapid APIs, data filtering and much more, this Travel Advisor App is the best Maps Application that you can currently find on YouTube and on the entire internet.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Advanced React Best Practices such as folder & file structure, hooks and refs
  • Creating a User Interface using Material UI
  • Working with Google Maps API
  • And most importantly fetching data from unlimited sources using RapidAPI
  • Essentially, you’ll become the master of working with APIs

RapidAPI Travel Advisor API Open Weather Map API

Thanks to JavaScript Mastery

His youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/JavaScriptMastery helps me alot, I created this project by following his guide.

Setup: run npm i && npm start to start the development server


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