Facebook Reaction Animation made with React JS and FramerMotion. The Reactions are important in Facebook that we use in our daily life if the video we like we give thumbsup ? reaction or ? reaction. Hope u like this my small project!

? Screenshots:


? Tools Used:

  • React Js
  • Framer Motion
  • Tailwind CSS Styled Components
  • ✌️ Contributing
  • Great!, after cloning & setting up the local project you can push the changes to your Github Fork and make a Pull Request.

Local Development in your Machine

  • Step 1: Clone The Repo Fork the repository. then clone the repo locally by doing –

git clone https://github.com/HamzaZaidiX/facebook-reaction-animation.git

  • Step 2: Install Dependencies cd into the directory

cd facebook-reaction-animation install all the dependencies npm install

  • Step 3: Start Development Server Then start the Development Server

npm start After running the development server the site should be running on https://localhost:3000


MIT LICENCE Read Licence document for more details ->

Bye! ?

HOPE U LIKE THIS PROJECT PLEASE! IF YOU ARE USING THIS CODE PLEASE GIVE HAMZA ZAIDI Give this Project a ⭐ if you Liked it. Made with ❤️!!! ???


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