React Notion X

Fast and accurate React renderer for Notion. TS batteries included.

If you want to build a website with Notion and React, we recommend using this amazing Next.js template (which uses react-notion-x under the hood).

Just edit one config file to point to your Notion page and deploy in a few minutes!


  • ? Simple - TypeScript + React.
  • Fast - 10-100x faster than Notion.
    • 95-100% Lighthouse scores.
    • Heavier components like PDFs and collection views can be loaded lazily via next/dynamic.
  • ? Tests - Comes with a comprehensive test suite covering most of Notion's functionality.
  • ? Solid - Used in production by Notion X (coming soon), Notion VIP, and Notion2Site.


First you'll want to fetch the content for a Notion page:

import { NotionAPI } from 'notion-client'

const notion = new NotionAPI()

const recordMap = await notion.getPage('067dd719a912471ea9a3ac10710e7fdf')

Once you have the data for a Notion page, you can render it via React:

import React from 'react'
import { NotionRenderer } from 'react-notion-x'

export default ({ recordMap }) => (
  <NotionRenderer recordMap={recordMap} fullPage={true} darkMode={false} />

You may optionally pass an authToken to the API if you want to access private Notion resources.

Note: for heavier blocks, you'll have to opt into using them via NotionRenderer.components. These are not included in the default NotionRenderer export because they're too heavyweight for the majority of use cases.


You'll need to import some CSS styles as well. If you're using Next.js, we recommend you place these imports at the top of pages/_app.js:

// core styles shared by all of react-notion-x (required)
import 'react-notion-x/src/styles.css'

// used for code syntax highlighting (optional)
import 'prismjs/themes/prism-tomorrow.css'

// used for collection views (optional)
import 'rc-dropdown/assets/index.css'

// used for rendering equations (optional)
import 'katex/dist/katex.min.css'

Next.js Example

Here's a full Next.js example project with the most important code in pages/[pageId].tsx.

You can check out this example hosted live on Vercel.

If you're interested in a more robust service built around react-notion-x that features a bunch of additional goodies and optimizations, check out the equivalent Notion X Demo.


Package NPM Docs Environment Description
react-notion-x NPM docs Browser + SSR Fast React renderer for Notion.
notion-client NPM docs Server-side* Robust TypeScript client for the Notion API.
notion-types NPM docs Universal Core Notion TypeScript types.
notion-utils NPM docs Universal Useful utilities for working with Notion data.

* Notion's API should not be called from client-side browsers due to CORS restrictions. notion-client is compatible with Node.js and Deno.

Supported Blocks

The majority of Notion blocks and collection views are fully supported.

Block Type Supported Block Type Enum Notes
Page ✅ Yes page
Text ✅ Yes text Supports all known text formatting options
Bookmark ✅ Yes bookmark Embedded preview of external URL
Bulleted List ✅ Yes bulleted_list <ul>
Numbered List ✅ Yes numbered_list <ol>
Heading 1 ✅ Yes header <h1>
Heading 2 ✅ Yes sub_header <h2>
Heading 3 ✅ Yes sub_sub_header <h3>
Quote ✅ Yes quote
Callout ✅ Yes callout
Equation (block) ✅ Yes equation katex via react-katex
Equation (inline) ✅ Yes text katex via react-katex
Todos (checkboxes) ✅ Yes to_do
Table Of Contents ✅ Yes table_of_contents See notion-utils getPageTableOfContents helper funtion
Divider ✅ Yes divider Horizontal line
Column ✅ Yes column
Column List ✅ Yes column_list
Toggle ✅ Yes toggle <details>
Image ✅ Yes image <img>
Embed ✅ Yes embed Generic iframe embeds
Video ✅ Yes video iframe
Figma ✅ Yes figma iframe
Google Maps ✅ Yes maps iframe
Google Drive ✅ Yes drive Google Docs, Sheets, etc custom embed
Tweet ✅ Yes tweet Uses the twitter embedding SDK
PDF ✅ Yes pdf Uses S3 signed URLs and react-pdf
Audio ✅ Yes audio Uses S3 signed URLs and HTML5 audio element
File ✅ Yes file Uses S3 signed URLs (generic downloadable file)
Link ✅ Yes text External links
Page Link ✅ Yes page Link to a notion page in the same workspace
External Page Link ✅ Yes text Links to a notion page or collection view in another workspace
Code (block) ✅ Yes code Block code syntax highlighting via prismjs
Code (inline) ✅ Yes text Inline code formatting (no syntax highlighting)
Collections ✅ Yes Also known as databases
Collection View ✅ Yes collection_view Collections have a 1:N mapping to collection views
Collection View Table ✅ Yes collection_view type = "table" (default table view)
Collection View Gallery ✅ Yes collection_view type = "gallery" (grid view)
Collection View Board ✅ Yes collection_view type = "board" (kanban view)
Collection View List ✅ Yes collection_view type = "list" (vertical list view)
Collection View Calendar ❌ Missing collection_view type = "calendar" (embedded calendar view)
Collection View Page ✅ Yes collection_view_page Collection view as a standalone page

Please let us know if you find any issues or missing blocks.

All known blocks and most known configuration settings can be found in our test suite.


Out of the box, react-notion-x is pretty fast and relatively lightweight, but there are a few key factors to be aware of.

Bundlephobia reports a ~27.5kb gzip bundle size, but about 80% of this opaque bundle is loaded lazily via next/dynamic for heavier features like PDF and collection support only if a page needs them. For most pages, the total gzip bundle size for react-notion-x will be ~10kb.

Another major factor for perf comes from images hosted by Notion. They're generally unoptimized, improperly sized, and not cacheable because Notion has to deal with fine-grained access control that users can change at any time. You can override the default mapImageUrl function on NotionRenderer to add caching via a CDN like Cloudflare Workers, which is what Notion X does for optimal page load speeds.

NotionRenderer also supports lazy image loading with optional low quality image placeholder previews. You can see a demo of this in practice on this page which is using lqip-modern to pre-generate placeholder images that are inspired by's image loading.

Google Lighthouse Scores
Google Lighthouse scores for an example page hosted by Notion X.