React Query External Sync

React Query External Sync is a dynamic tool designed to manage React Query state beyond the typical scope of React Query Dev Tools. Tailored for React Native projects, it provides a live state management solution accessible to developers, quality assurance professionals, and non-technical team members alike.


With React Query External Sync, teams can monitor and manipulate state in real-time, facilitating seamless collaboration and debugging processes. This tool empowers users to efficiently track and manage state across various components, enhancing the overall development experience and accelerating project delivery.

Whether you're a developer seeking to streamline state management or a non-technical team member interested in understanding project progress, React Query External Sync offers an intuitive solution for managing React Query state in React Native projects.

Key Advantages:

  • Real-time UI Updates: Instantly see how state changes affect your application's UI without backend alterations.
  • Broad Accessibility: Enables all team members, including QA, designers, and business professionals, to tweak and test API-driven UI components on the fly.
  • Continuous Evolution: Built with expansion in mind, expect regular feature updates driven by community feedback and the evolving needs of modern development workflows.
  • Enhanced Manipulation: Future updates will introduce capabilities for precise state adjustments, such as directly inserting complete objects or arrays, object duplication, simultaneous state syncing across web, Android, and iOS and persistent state overrides, allowing values for specific data to remain until manually reverted.