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? Financio | Financial Dashboard – Fullstack App ?

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? Features

  • Dashboard – quick overview
  • Expense Tracker (categories, monthly values, comparison)
  • Budget planner / tracker
  • Portfolio Tracker (Total value, category values, targets)
  • Simple data visualization
  • User Profile, update / image upload

Some impressions

Expense Overview Expense Overview

Add Expense Modal Add Expense Modal

Update User Image Dropzone Update User Image Dropzone

? Built with!


  • React, TypeScript, Redux (Toolkit), Recharts.js, Mantine UI, Material UI Deployed on Netlify


  • Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Mongoose Deployed on Heroku

? Future Updates

  • Add realtime portfolio tracking by consuming data from Crypto and Stock API
  • Add option to set values based on various currencies, (currently only EUR values supported)
  • Add option to select between target value or target percent of total for portfolio categories
  • Allow multiple categories to be tracked under one budget
  • Add recurring expenses and income

?? Author

Sebastian Prestele

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