Full Stack Airbnb Clone with Next.js 13 App Router: React, Tailwind, Prisma, MongoDB, NextAuth 2023

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This is a repository for a Full Stack Airbnb Clone with Next.js 13 App Router: React, Tailwind, Prisma, MongoDB, NextAuth.



  • Tailwind design
  • Tailwind animations and effects
  • Full responsiveness
  • Credential authentication
  • Google authentication
  • Github authentication
  • Image upload using Cloudinary CDN
  • Client form validation and handling using react-hook-form
  • Server error handling using react-toast
  • Calendars with react-date-range
  • Page loading state
  • Page empty state
  • Booking / Reservation system
  • Guest reservation cancellation
  • Owner reservation cancellation
  • Creation and deletion of properties
  • Pricing calculation
  • Advanced search algorithm by category, date range, map location, number of guests, rooms and bathrooms
    • For example we will filter out properties that have a reservation in your desired date range to travel
  • Favorites system
  • Shareable URL filters
    • Lets say you select a category, location and date range, you will be able to share URL with a logged out friend in another browser and they will see the same results
  • How to write POST and DELETE routes in route handlers (app/api)
  • How to fetch data in server react components by directly accessing database (WITHOUT API! like Magic!)
  • How to handle files like error.tsx and loading.tsx which are new Next 13 templating files to unify loading and error handling
  • How to handle relations between Server and Child components!


Node version 14.x

Cloning the repository

git clone https://github.com/AntonioErdeljac/next13-airbnb-clone.git

Install packages

npm i

Setup .env file


Setup Prisma

npx prisma db push

Start the app

npm run dev

Available commands

Running commands with npm npm run [command]

command description
dev Starts a development instance of the app


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