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Use Guide

First off, clone the repository and then cd react-redux-socketio-chatand npm install

You can create channels with the + sign on the nav bar on the left.
If you click on a user’s name to send him a private message (opens a private channel)

Setting up MongoDB

Note: You need MongoDB set up and running to run the code locally. Installation instructions

Once you’ve installed MongoDB start up the MongoDB server in a new terminal with the following commands:

mkdir db
mongod --dbpath=./db --smallfiles

Then open a new terminal and type in mongo and type in use chat_dev
This is your database interface. You can query the database for records for example: db.users.find() or db.stats().

Now that you’ve done all that, you can go go ahead and code away!


npm run dev

And then point your browser to localhost:3000

This program comes with redux-dev tools

  • To hide the dev tool panel press ctrl+h
  • To change position press ctrl+m


npm run build
npm start

And then point your browser to localhost:3000

Helpful Resources and Inspiring Projects


  • small profile page for users
  • implement reselect
  • implement async-props