DClone Essential - Discord clone with the essential features.

Fully working Discord clone with the essential features. Made with React + Redux + TypeScript.

Built with React TS, Redux, and Node.js.


  • Server Channels
    • Create channels
    • Delete channels
  • Message Management
    • Server owners can delete any message
    • Message author can delete and edit their own messages
  • Member Management
    • Kick members as the server owner
    • Easily leave the server by right clicking the server
    • Join servers with an invite code
  • Server Management
    • Create servers as you would in Discord
    • Edit server name, and icon URL in the server settings
    • Delete your server in the server settings
  • User Management
    • Manage your account by clicking the settings icon
    • Change your username, and avatar
    • Delete your user and prevent it from being used to login
  • and more (of course)

This is only the essential version and just works. The full version is planned to be much more exciting...