Quotify 💭

Generate meaningful quotes from books, articles, or literally anything that can be turned into a PDF.

Website here. Built by Molly.


Quotify is a AI-powered quote finder for any text-based PDF, extracting the most relavant quotes to substantiate your claim. What if we didn’t have to scour texts for hours in search of a thesis-supporting quote?

Provided the full length of riveting multi-dimensioned novels, intensive drama telenovella scripts, dense academic journal entries, and everything in between, Quotify finds the most significant parts of the text in relation to your ideated topic. This means you can now find Shakespeare quotes, cited within the text, about free will and environmental activism.

Technical Implementation

Quotify uses the following tools:


The backend uses a Makefile for our build process Poetry as our dependency manager for Python. Install poetry, change directories into the server folder, and then run poetry install to install all dependencies. Note that we require python 3.9.13 and that the Rust Compiler must be installed on your machine in order to build certain dependencies.

Afterwards, run make setup to configure your environment to run our application. To run the server run make server.


The frontend is built using React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Chakra-UI. To run the web app locally, change directories into frontend nd run npm install to install all dependencies. Then run npm run dev.

Acknowledgements & Disclaimer

I learned a lot from Amir & Verumlotus’s SweetSerenade while building this.

Please note that this tool is intended as an experimental exploration of quote extraction using advanced AI technology, and should not be relied upon as a replacement for thorough research or analysis in any academic or professional context. While we have taken every effort to ensure accuracy and proper citation of sources, we cannot provide a full guarantee of the correctness of our analyses.


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