Basic Next.js boilerplate ready to use in any type of websites.

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Available Commands

In the project directory, you can run:

yarn dev

This command is used for creating a development server with fast reload functionality.

yarn build

This command is used for creating a optimized production build.

yarn start

This command is used for run a previous builded production website.

yarn lint

This command is used for run eslint syntax checking.


  • Next.js: Minimalistic framework for SRR and SSG React applications.
  • Typescript: Superset of JavaScript which primarily provides optional static typing, classes and interfaces.
  • Styled Components: Declarative UI with CSS inside JS.
  • Eslint + Prettier: The pluggable linting and formating utility.
  • Babel: The compiler for next generation JavaScript.
  • Inline React SVGs: Babel plugin for add all SVGs direct into DOM.
  • Bundle Analyzer: Visualize the size of webpack output files with an interactive zoomable treemap.
  • Next Images: Next.js plugin for optimazing images
  • I18n: An internationalization-framework which provides a function that takes a key, some options, and returns the value for the current language. Helps you to add language translation support to your app.
  • Service Mocking: An alternative to mock all services for an easy front end development.
  • Lottie: Lightweight, scalable animations inside JS.

Next Features

  • Search and add a typing for the locales
  • Integrate storybook
  • Add Cypress (e2e) testing
  • Add Jest + React Testing Library (Unit and Integration) testing
  • Add Absolute paths
  • Add example CI/CD for github actions
  • Add a folder structure documentation
  • Add a CLI for creating project

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