Hack Emulator

This project emulates Hack computer from
nand2tetris course. It is still under light
development (light means that I might add/fix/polish things from time to time,
but not actively).


Current features

  • Built-in assembler (although it is very crude and doesn’t really have error
    reporting as of yet)

  • ROM view, including binary machine code as well as the coresponding
    instructions. Current instruction (program counter) is highlighted.

  • RAM view

  • Full ALU implementation, which includes undocumented instructions, unlike the
    official CPU emulator.

  • Adjustable clock speed (although I would not recommend to go above ~10MHz)

  • Full support for keyboard input and display output.

  • All in your browser on any device! No Java required!

Kinda Maybe Sorta Planned features:

  • Breakpoints

  • Ability to modify values in RAM

  • Running official test files

  • Ahead of time compilation as well as other optimizations

  • Perhaps some extensions to Hack, like

    • Memory banks

    • Colored display

    • Periferals like storage?

    • 6/N-key rollover support

  • Light/dark theme support?


To build the project you need Node 12.x. Then you can just run:

npm install
npm run-stript build

This should create app.js file in ./dist/. You can open ./dist/index.html
in your browser.


Ha, like anyone ever will!

Some other notes

This project was mostly written in about a week to get some practice with
TypeScript and React (given that I’ve not used either before), so there might
be some rough edges or non-idiomatic code/project structure. Reviews are


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