more-jpeg is a service designed to intentionally degrade the quality of JPEG images by introducing significant compression artifacts, turning them into ✨ works of art ✨.


Original 10 5 0
hair hair-low-10 hair-low-5 hair-low-0

As you can see, JPEGs with quality 10, 5 or even 0 look way better than the original.


Try it out here: (no uptime gurantee)


Creating new Recipes

Note Recipes determine the final export quality of the JPEGs. They also contain a list of “ingredients” that are applied before the export (such as inverting an image).

If you want to contribute such new ingredients, please refer to the section Creating new Ingredients.

It is easy to add new recipes, simply append your recipe to the recipes object in src/util/recipe.tsx. You may use the Export button in the frontend to generate recipes.

Creating new Ingredients

To create a new ingredient (image operation), follow these steps:


First, create a function with the name action_<ingredient-identifier> using this signature (img: Image, options: dict) -> Image

def action_invert(img: Image, _: dict) -> Image:
    return ImageOps.invert(img)

Then add your ingredient to the actions dictionary in

"invert": {
    "executor": action_invert,
    # optional, if you have any parameters, specify them here by name + accepted types
    "options": {
        "scale": [float, int]


In src/util/recipe.tsx, include your ingredient within ingredientMeta. You will need to specify the following attributes:

  • icon (ReactNode) – see react-icons for a list of available icons
  • description (string)

If your ingredient accepts any parameters, also add:

  • param_info (ParamInfo)

invert: {
    icon: <FaFill />,
    description: "Reverses colors in the image",
    param_info: {
      scale: {
        // will be shown if you hover over the (i) in the ingredient options
        description: "Amount of xyz to add",
        // will be the default value when adding new ingredients
        default: 30,


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