Integrate Payments With Next.js, TailwindCSS and Razorpay ?

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  • Make international and domestic payments on the fly.
  • Responsive layout, works well on both Mobile and Desktop
  • Customize popup according to your brand.
  • Clear call to actions.


There’s only 1 page index.js that handles the entire flow.
However there are three important components to the page:

  • Navbar – For the main navigation.
  • Hero – For the Hero section
  • Element – For the random elements that you see on the website.

Tech Stack

The website is built in my favourite Tech Stack and deployed on Vercel


  • Clone the repository using git clone
  • Install all the modules by using npm i or npm install or yarn
  • Run the local development server by using npm run dev or yarn dev
  • Make the required edits and deploy to YOUR GitHub repo for CI/CD.


Deployment can be done in 3 easy steps.

  • Login to Vercel or signup for an account if you don’t have one.
  • Create a New Project and select YOUR GitHub repository of the portfolio project.
  • Wait for Vercel to deploy your project to production.


This template is completely open source and free to use. Use it for client projects or your own portfolio project. Give me credits at the footer (If you wish, it’ll help me a lot :)).


Your support matters. It pushes me to do more Open Source contributions and give back to the community.

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