Javascript Testing, a Practical Approach


This is the reference repository with all the contents and the examples of the “Javascript Testing, a Practical Approach” course.

The course starts from the peak of the testing pyramid and goes down instead of following the “standard” testing path.

During the course

The most important scripts are:

  • $ npm run cy:open: starts the Cypress UI
  • $ npm run realworld:frontend:start: starts the front-end project

Table of contents

In the “docs” folder there are:

About me

Stefano Magni

I’m Stefano Magni, I’m a passionate and positive-minded Senior Front-end Engineer, a Speaker, and an Instructor from Italy (working remotely since 2018). Developing User Interfaces, solving problems, and helping people are my passions.

I have worked in this field for more than ten years, including experience with different codebases (currently working on a 250K-LOC one) and various companies: a mid-size company, a Bitcoin startup, a web-agency, etc. organized through Scrum, Kanban, or classic Waterfall.

What I love:

  • working with passionate people
  • coding User Interfaces, solving the closest to the user problems
  • writing maintainable and easy to refactor code
  • guaranteeing the highest possible quality of my work with precise execution and problems prevention
  • easing other developers and stakeholders work with high proactivity, communication, providing a lot of feedback, mentoring, and improving workflows
  • actively looking for and proposing solutions for every kind of problem I see
  • learning and solidifying/spreading my knowledge by speaking and teaching

In the last years, I became a speaker again, revamping my learning path completely, including answering on StackOverflow, writing articles, sharing plugins, and speaking at meetups.

I’m currently focused on React, TypeScript and all their ecosystems.

I wrote a big UI Testing Best Practices project on GitHub.


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