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Formik Form is an exercise to learn React.js by creating forms with Formik. This is a practice work I am doing as part of the full-stack web developer certificate I am pursuing.

The idea of this exercise is to build a form using the React.js library Formik, so we can build up confidence on working with react components while leaving the hard work of wiring them to a widely used open-source form library.

Unfortunately, to see this application in action, you need to clone it and set it up on a local server, such as a lightway static npm server. In the next section, I provide a few guidelines to serve this particular application using npm.

This particular example, is a very simple example of a form, that doesn’t take you anywhere, but shows you how to check the user input correct values for each field. Despite the basic type, this app can be the basis for a much more sophisticated user-access controlled application.

Formik logo How to Run

Roadmap of future improvements


Pull requests are welcome, and I’ll be happy to chat about any improvement or extension that could be donde to this app.


This software uses the following third party tools, libraries and logos:

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This project is licensed under the terms of MIT license


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