Number Formatter

number-formater is a JavaScript library built to make it faster and more efficient to use the ECMAScript (Intl) API for number formatting.


npm i number-formater


My main idea is that this library will be used client-side in JavaScript projects (Angular, React, Vue, etc.) to display decimal numbers and format currencies accurately and precisely without writing too much repetitive code. However, it can also be used in Node projects.

Format currencies

import { formatToCurrency } from 'number-formater'

const currency = formatToCurrency(988900);
console.log(currency) // $ 988.900

const currencyCOL = formatToCurrency(988900, {
  locales: 'es-CO',
  currency: 'COP',
  fractionDigits: 2,

console.log(currencyCOL); // $ 988.900,00

const currencyUS = formatToCurrency(988900, {
  locales: 'en-US',
  currency: 'USD',
  fractionDigits: 2,

console.log(currencyUS); // $988,900.00

Format percent

import { formatToPercent } from 'number-formater'

const percent = formatToPercent(0.9);
console.log(percent); // 90 %

Format decimal number

import { formatToDecimal } from 'number-formater'

const decimal = formatToDecimal(8277.0);
console.log(decimal); // 8.277


This project is open source and is protected under the MIT license, you can feel free to fork it and create new custom features or contact me to work together.




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