Example Licensing Portal

This is an example of how to set up a simple customer-facing license activation portal using Keygen’s API and React.


The portal offers the following functionality:

  • License information e.g. expiration date.
  • Machine activation.
  • Machine deactivation.

Running the example

First up, configure a few environment variables:

# Your Keygen account ID. Find yours at https://app.keygen.sh/settings.
export KEYGEN_ACCOUNT_ID="1fddcec8-8dd3-4d8d-9b16-215cac0f9b52"

You can either run each line above within your terminal session before starting the app, or you can add the above contents to your ~/.bashrc file and then run source ~/.bashrc after saving the file.

Next, install dependencies with yarn:


Finally, boot the example portal app:

yarn start

The app will be available at http://localhost:1234.

Demo credentials

To run on the demo account, run the following:

KEYGEN_ACCOUNT_ID=demo yarn start

Then input the following demo license key:



The example stores a random UUID to local storage to identify the current device. This can be changed to a more sophisticated fingerprinting strategy if required, e.g. device GUID or hardware ID.

To reset your fingerprint, run the following in the browser console:


This will allow you to test activation limits more easily.


Reach out at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns!


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