Lightweight social sharing buttons for React.


  yarn add react-sharingbuttons

or alternatively:

npm install --save react-sharingbuttons


import { Facebook, Twitter } from 'react-sharingbuttons'

If you care about your bundle size, you can import each button separately.

import Facebook from 'react-sharingbuttons/dist/buttons/Facebook'
import Twitter from 'react-sharingbuttons/dist/buttons/Twitter'

Import predefined css:

import 'react-sharingbuttons/dist/main.css'
const sharingButtons = () => {
  const url = ''
  const shareText = 'Check this site!'

  return (
      <Facebook url={url} />
      <Twitter url={url} shareText={shareText} />

See the example

Overriding styles

You can customize buttons further to meet your needs. For example, following html will be rendered for Twitter button:

<a href="" class="react-sharing-button__link react-sharing-button--twitter">
  <svg class="react-sharing-button__icon">...</svg>
  <span class="react-sharing-button__text">Share me</span>

Available buttons and its props

common props:

  • text - text which is displayed inside button, default to button name.
  • onClick - onClick event passed to a tag.

button specific props:

Email text, url, subject
Facebook text, url
Google text, url
Pinterest text, url, shareText (a pin description), mediaSrc
Reddit text, url
Twitter text, url, shareText (a tweet text),
Tumblr text, url, title, caption, content