Pokemon JavaScript Game

I got this ideia from Chris in video listed below and implemented for react with hooks!

Project Management Helper

Designer Patterns

To run and test

Clone the repo, npm install and npm start Have Fun! (Not Yet)

Want develop from scrtach ? Watch this video!

in order to help you to run or fork this project that steps i followed in dev stages.

Map Creation (Tiled Map Editor)

Download And Setup

  • Download Tiled
  • Import to project

Tile Editor

  • Tile Layering for Ocean and Landmasses
  • Layering and placment of Trees
  • LandScape Details
  • Colision and Map bondaries
  • Foreground Layers
  • Export Layer for Project Import

Player And Map Dev

Check all PRS HERE

Battle Sequence

  • Battle Activation
  • Transiction from map to battle sequences
  • DrawBattle Background
  • Add Battle Sprites


Map Editor

Tiled are an TileMap creator. Avaliable for all OS. Use Tiled to create, generate and export map assets.


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