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Mage is an open-source code editor for transforming data and building ML pipelines.


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?‍♀️ Quick start

Fire mage

Using Docker

1. Clone repository
git clone && cd mage-ai
2. Create new project
./scripts/ [project_name]
3. Launch editor
./scripts/ [project_name]

Open http://localhost:6789 in your browser.

4. Run pipeline
./scripts/ [project_name] [pipeline]

Using pip

1. Install Mage
pip install mage-ai
2. Create new project
mage init [project_name]
3. Launch editor
mage start [project_name]

Open http://localhost:6789 in your browser.

4. Run pipeline
mage run [project_name] [pipeline]


  1. Train model on Titanic dataset

? Features

  1. Data centric editor
  2. Production ready code
  3. Extensible

1. Data centric editor

An interactive coding experience designed for preparing data to train ML models.

Visualize the impact of your code every time you load, clean, and transform data.

Data centric editor

2. Production ready code

No more writing throw away code or trying to turn notebooks into scripts.

Each block (aka cell) in this editor is a modular file that can be tested, reused, and chained together to create an executable data pipeline locally or in any environment.

Read more about blocks and how they work.

Production ready code

Run your data pipeline end-to-end using the command line function: $ mage run [project] [pipeline]

3. Extensible

Easily add new functionality directly in the source code or through plug-ins (coming soon).

Adding new API endpoints (Tornado), transformations (Python, PySpark, SQL), and charts (using React) is easy to do (tutorial coming soon).

Extensible charts

?‍♀️ Contributing

We welcome all contributions to Mage; from small UI enhancements to brand new cleaning actions. We love seeing community members level up and give people power-ups!

Check out the ? contributing guide to get started by setting up your development environment and exploring the code base.

Got questions? Live chat with us in Slack Slack

Anything you contribute, the Mage team and community will maintain. We’re in it together!

? Community

We love the community of Magers (/ˈmājər/); a group of mages who help each other realize their full potential!

To live chat with the Mage team and community, please join the free Mage Slack Slack channel.

For real-time news and fun memes, check out the Mage Twitter Twitter.

To report bugs or add your awesome code for others to enjoy, visit GitHub.

? License

See the LICENSE file for licensing information.

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