Make web animation simple :clap:


  • Simple animation from inline style A to style B
  • Support add and remove child (New)
  • Make animation toggle easy
  • In-built delay animation mechanism
  • Tiny size without other dependency


$ yarn add react-simple-animate
$ npm install react-simple-animate -S


Navigate into example folder and install

$ yarn && yarn start
$ npm install && npm run start

Screenshot of the example app below


Quick start

The following example demonstrate animate individual or array of components. React simple animate will take
cares component will mount and unmount.

import react from 'react';
import Animate from 'react-simple-animate';
import YourComponent from './YourComponent';

const props = {
    startAnimation: true,
    startStyle: { opacity: 0 }
    endStyle={ opacity: 1 }

export default function SexyComponent(props) {
    return <div>
        // Animate individual component or components
        <Animate {...props}>
            <h1>React simple animate</h1>

        // Animate components with add/remove, style will inherit from parent Animate props
        <Animate {...props} animateOnAddRemove>
            { => <YourComponent key={key}>}


Prop Type Required Description
startAnimation boolean Defaults to false. Set to true to start the animation.
children node Child component to be animated.
render Function Element animation attributes as argument eg. (attributes) => <div {...attributes} />
startStyle string Component initial inline style.
endStyle string Component transition to inline style.
animateOnAddRemove boolean Enable animation on component add and remove.
onCompleteStyle string Style to be applied after the animation is completed.
durationSeconds number How long the animation takes in seconds.
delaySeconds number How much delay should apply before animation starts.
reverseDelaySeconds number How much delay should apply when reverse/toggle animation.
onComplete function Call back function after animation complete.
easeType string Easing type refer to
className string To specify a CSS class.