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Piano Trainer

Learn to play the piano at your own pace through various modes of practice.

Piano Trainer screenshot


  • MIDI compatible
  • Cross-platform support
  • Interactive scale practice
    • Hard mode
  • Interactive chord practice
  • Interactive Circle of Fifths practice
  • Interactive fifths practice
  • Interactive quiz

Coming Soon

  • Computer keyboard support
  • Interactive inversion practice
  • Settings
    • Toggle questions in quiz mode
    • Change keyboard sound


Download for free on all platforms on itch.io/piano-trainer

or download the latest build here

Run Locally

You’ll need to setup Rust and Tauri CLI by following the Getting Started guide here.

$ git clone https://github.com/ZaneH/scale-trainer.git
$ cd scale-trainer
$ yarn && yarn tauri dev

Build target binary

Outputs to /src-tauri/target/release/bundle

$ yarn tauri build


Contributions are more than welcome.

Create a PR pointing to the dev branch. Stable builds will be merged into master.

Code formatting is handled with Git Hooks.


Special thank you to ruohki/tauri-midi-example, kevinsqi/react-piano, and the Tauri Discord community.


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