MERN Authentication Starter

This is a starter app for a MERN stack application with authentication. This is for a SPA (Single Page Application) workflow that uses the Vite Build tool. This authentication workflow is based off of my MERN Stack From Scratch | eCommerce course.

It includes the following:

  • Backend API with Express & MongoDB
  • Routes for auth, logout, register, profile, update profile
  • JWT authentication stored in HTTP-only cookie
  • Protected routes and endpoints
  • Custom middleware to check JSON web token and store in cookie
  • Custom error middleware
  • React frontend to register, login, logout, view profile, and update profile
  • React Bootstrap UI library
  • React Toastify notifications


Env Variables

Rename the .env.example file to .env and add the following

NODE_ENV = development
PORT = 5000
MONGO_URI = your mongodb uri
JWT_SECRET = 'abc123'

Change the JWT_SECRET to what you want

Install Dependencies (frontend & backend)

npm install
cd frontend
npm install


# Run frontend (:3000) & backend (:5000)
npm run dev

# Run backend only
npm run server

Build & Deploy

# Create frontend prod build
cd frontend
npm run build


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