MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) blog app with Chakra UI and Redux.

This project was my first experience of MERN stack and Chakra UI. I learned a lot while doing it and had a lot of fun. I learned about Express, Node.js and MongoDB. I’ll build better projects as soon as possible.

Hosted with Vercel & Heroku


? Screenshots and Demo GIF


Demo Gif
Demo Add

?️ Packages used in this project

Package (Frontend) Version
axios ^0.21.4
@chakra-ui/icons ^1.0.15
@chakra-ui/modal ^1.9.1
@chakra-ui/react ^1.6.9
eslint ^7.32.0
moment ^2.29.1
prettier ^2.4.1
react-copy-to-clipboard ^5.0.4
react-file-base64 ^1.0.3
react-hook-form ^6.13.1
react-redux ^7.2.2
react-toastify ^5.1.0
redux ^4.0.5
redux-thunk ^2.3.0
Package (Backend) Version
cors ^2.8.5
dotenv ^10.0.0
express ^4.17.1
mongoose ^6.0.9


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