React Slidy

React Slidy - Minimalistic and smooth touch slider component for React

React Slidy is a simple and minimal slider component. It was based on the fabulous lory.js slider altough as the main objective is to achieve the best performance and smoothness a lot of it was rewritten. Also, it's wrapped on a React component in order to be used on projects using ReactJS.

Browser compatibility

I haven't did a lot of testing on that but it's supposed to work on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari and IE 10+. If not, please, fill a issue.


  • 1:1 slide movement
  • Optimized for smoothness and performance
  • Lazy Loading for slider and for every slide
  • Server rendering compatible

Available Props

  classNameBase: PropTypes.string,
  doAfterDestroy: PropTypes.func,
  doAfterSlide: PropTypes.func,
  doBeforeSlide: PropTypes.func,
  ease: PropTypes.string,
  infinite: PropTypes.oneOfType([
  lazyLoadConfig: PropTypes.object,
  onReady: PropTypes.func,
  rewind: PropTypes.bool,
  rewindSpeed: PropTypes.number,
  slideSpeed: PropTypes.number,
  snapBackSpeed: PropTypes.number


  • [ ] Improve documentation
  • [ ] Improve server rendering compatibility