Multi-Pointer React Round Slider

Experience an accessible and mobile-friendly React Round Slider library, powered by TypeScript and SVG.


  • Any number of pointers.
  • Mobile Ready.
  • Accessibility.
  • Optional ticks/marks.
  • ES6 JavaScript & Typescript.
  • Styles & Design options.
  • Range slider.
  • Numbers, text, ot range.
  • Range dragging.
  • Touch support.
  • Keyboard support.
  • Mousewheel support.
  • Disabled/enabled, including keyboard and mousewheel.
  • Possibility to disable only one pointer.
  • Optional animation on panel click.
  • Works well with Bootstrap and other CSS frameworks.
  • Supports two (and more) pointers overlap, pointers max and min distance.
  • MIT license.

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MIT license

It can be used for free in any personal or commercial project 🎁


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