Nebula is a lightweight (1kb compressed) JavaScript library for creating beautifull universe animations with React / Next / Gatsby.

Including configurable Stars, Nebulas, Comets, Planets and Suns.
Compatible with SSR


npm install @flodlc/nebula

Basic usage

import { ReactNebula, smallSolarSystem, bigSolarSystem } from "@flodlc/nebula";

export default App = () => {
    return (
            <ReactNebula config={...}/>
            <ReactNebula config={{astres: smallSolarSystem}}/>
            <ReactNebula config={{astres: bigSolarSystem}}/>

The canvas is positioned absolute and takes the size of its parent.


key option type default
astres AstreDescription[] smallSolarSystem or bigSolarSystem (see Usage) []
scale number 1
speed number 1
starsCount number 200
starsColor string #ffffff
starsRotationSpeed number 5
cometFrequence number 3
nebulasIntensity number 8
nebulasColors string[] accept rgb and hex ["rgb(5,63,157)", "rgb(42,112,25)", "rgb(182,41,44)"]