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nf-shard is an open source user interface for monitoring Nextflow runs, searching historical runs and analysing metrics. It was designed as drop-in replacement for community nf-tower, however it does not aim to replace Enterprise nf-tower.



Following instructions allows to run nf-shard locally.

Method 1 – docker-compose

docker-compose will spin up PostgreSQL database and the server.

git clone [email protected]:AugustDev/nf-shard.git
cd nf-shard
docker-compose up -d
yarn migrate

Add tower server details in your Nextflow config.

tower {
    enabled = true
    accessToken = "non-empty"
    endpoint = "http://localhost:3000/api"

Done! If you navigate to http://localhost:3000 and run Nextflow workflow you should be able to see progress in the UI.

Note – accessToken can by any non-empty string.

Method 2

If you already have running PostgreSQL database, you can run build project from package manager. To specify your database login edit .env.

yarn migrate
yarn build
yarn run


  • NextJS/React/Typescript
  • PostgreSQL
  • Prisma ORM

I was picking the a stack with large communities to maximise open source contribution from the Nextflow community.


  • Indexed search by workflow ID, run name, user name, tag, projeect name, before date, after date.
  • Search supports multiple AND conditions.
  • Ability to attach multiple tags for each workflow. Tags are visible in the UI and can be used in search.
  • List of historical runs
  • Run details
  • nf-tower plugin compatible API.


  • Authentication
  • Dedicated plugin
  • Upload/view execution logs
  • Download reports
  • tRPC client/server communication

Deployment to production

Instructions of how to deploy to production are coming soon.


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