Classic Mine Sweeper Game

created using Typescript and MUI-core (formerly called Material-UI)

Getting Started

Install this package:

npm install mui-minesweeper

Import the Counter component:

import { Minesweeper } from "mui-minesweeper";

You can then render the Minesweeper component like any other React component in JSX.

Rendering this module in your application will also enable you to have a capability to select the difficulty level as below skill-selection

Skill xFieldsCount yFieldCount bombCount
Number of boxes in x-axis Number of boxes in y-axis Number of bombs on board
Beginner 8 8 10
Intermediate 16 16 40
Expert 30 16 99


Bombs selection on board is completely random and every new page load or render of the component will have bombs in different places


When the user wins the game win


When the user wins the game win

Since this game uses right click to select mines, it is difficult to play on laptop or mobile devices and so in those devices, following warning is shown



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