CartPop – Shopify App

This is a sample app to help developers bootstrap their Shopify app development.

It leverages the Shopify API Library on the backend to create an embedded app, and Polaris and App Bridge React on the frontend.

This is the repository used when you create a new Node app with the Shopify CLI.


  • Shopify Partner account
  • Node 16+


Using the Shopify CLI run:

shopify app create node -n APP_NAME

Or, you can run npx degit shopify/shopify-app-node and create a .env file containing the following values:

SHOPIFY_API_KEY={api key}           # Your API key
SHOPIFY_API_SECRET={api secret key} # Your API secret key
SCOPES={scopes}                     # Your app's required scopes, comma-separated
HOST={your app's host}              # Your app's host, without the protocol prefix

Developer resources


This repository is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.


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