Opensea Clone

This Project is a fork of Ethereum Boilerplate and demostrates how you can build your own NFT Marketplace. This project of course work on any EVM-compatible blockchain such as Polygon, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain and other such chains.


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? Quick Start

? Clone or fork opensea-clone:

git clone

? Install all dependencies:

cd opensea-clone
yarn install 

✏ Rename .env.example to .env in the main folder and provide your appId and serverUrl from Moralis (How to start Moralis Server)


? Locate the MoralisDappProvider in src/providers/MoralisDappProvider/MoralisDappProvider.js and paste the deployed marketplace smart contract address and ABI

const [contractABI, setContractABI] = useState();
const [marketAddress, setMarketAddress] = useState();

? Sync the MarketItemCreated event /src/contracts/marketplaceBoilerplate.sol contract with your Moralis Server, making the tableName MarketItems

event MarketItemCreated (
  uint indexed itemId,
  address indexed nftContract,
  uint256 indexed tokenId,
  address seller,
  address owner,
  uint256 price,
  bool sold

?‍♂️ Run your App:

yarn start


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