? Pancake Swap Exchange on BSC testnet

Live instance working against 0xD99D1c33F9fC3444f8101754aBC46c52416550D1:


This router was deployed by PancakeSwap and published on their twitter, for other options with more liquidity see Testnet Routers

V2 SDK for the BSC testnet

Since there isn’t an official PancakeSwap on testnet and the v2 frontend swap interface code isn’t published on the PancakeSwap github I decided to adjust pancake-swap-interface-v1 for v2 routers on the BSC testnet as per this comment on issue #365.

This fork requires a fork of cd3d-dex-libs-sdk, instructions and code can at https://github.com/ibhagwan/pancakeswap-sdk-v2.

Step 1: Build pancakeswap-sdk-v2

❯ git clone https://github.com/pancakeswap/pancakeswap-sdk-v2
  • Modify FACTORY_ADDRESS & INIT_CODE_HASH in src/constants.ts
  • Modify the testnet WBNB at the end of entities/token.ts:

    [ChainId.BSCTESTNET]: new Token(
        'Wrapped BNB'

Note: if you’d like to use the default testnet router 0xD99D1c33F9fC3444f8101754aBC46c52416550D1 you can skip the editing and git clone https://github.com/ibhagwan/pancakeswap-sdk-v2.git instead.


❯ yarn
❯ npm run build

Step 2:

Clone and branch to the commit before V2 changes:

❯ git clone https://github.com/pancakeswap/pancake-swap-interface-v1
❯ git branch pancake_v2 0257017
❯ git checkout pancake_v2

Create .env with the below contents:


Modify ROUTER_ADDRESS in src/constants/index.ts

Edit the tokens you’d like to appear in the UI in src/constants/token/pancakeswap.json (change the token address and set chainId to 97)

Search the entire project for 'cd3d-dex-libs-sdk' and replace with 'cd3d-dex-libs-sdk'

I do this with vim, search the entire project with fzf|rg into a quickfix list and use
:cdo %s/'@pancakeswap-libs\/sdk'/'@pancakeswap-libs\/sdk-v2'/g

❯ yarn
❯ npm install ../pancakeswap-sdk-v2
❯ rm -rf ./node_modules/cd3d-dex-libs-sdk
❯ yarn start

Starting the development server...
Compiled successfully!
You can now view @pancakeswap/interface in the browser.

  Local:            http://localhost:3000
  On Your Network:

Note that the development build is not optimized.
To create a production build, use yarn build.

PancaeSwap V2, option #1 (default)

This router was deployed by PancakeSwap and published on their twitter

Router: 0xD99D1c33F9fC3444f8101754aBC46c52416550D1

Factory: 0x6725f303b657a9451d8ba641348b6761a6cc7a17

WETH: 0xae13d989dac2f0debff460ac112a837c89baa7cd

INIT_CODE_PAIR_HASH: 0xd0d4c4cd0848c93cb4fd1f498d7013ee6bfb25783ea21593d5834f5d250ece66

PancaeSwap V2, option #2

This router was published by kiemtienonline360.com and can be accessed through https://pancake.kiemtienonline360.com

Router: 0x9Ac64Cc6e4415144C455BD8E4837Fea55603e5c3

Factory: 0xb7926c0430afb07aa7defde6da862ae0bde767bc

WETH: 0xae13d989dac2f0debff460ac112a837c89baa7cd

INIT_CODE_PAIR_HASH: 0xecba335299a6693cb2ebc4782e74669b84290b6378ea3a3873c7231a8d7d1074


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