Pixel Art to CSS

Pixel Art to CSS is an online editor that helps you with that task.

Combining the power of both box-shadow and keyframes CSS properties, you will get CSS code ready to use in your site.

Furthermore, you can download or share your work in different formats such as a static image, animated GIF or sprite like image.


npm install


If you just want to develop the interface with no need of the back-end side.

npm run development


Create the final build and run the generated React HTML on the server using SSR.

npm run deploy

npm run server

A config.json is needed for deployment with the Twitter and express keys.


There are several libraries used in the project that help us to keep our codebase healthy:

Every time we commit something it will execute the linters and format the staged files if needed.

If you want to check them individually you could execute the following scripts:

npm run lint
npm run csslint
npm run format


We are using Jest as the testing platform.

npm run test