PokePoke is a frontend application that connects to a free API called PokeApi, and facilitates the visualization and search of pokemon through a minimalist interface.
This application was developed with the aim of putting into practice React concepts such as the use of Hooks, Custom Hooks and Context. In addition, the use of new technologies: Tailwinds as CSS Framework and Vite as a file packer, an alternative to WebPack.


– Search Bar : By typing the name of the pokemon and pressing enter we can perform a search in the API and display the data of this in case it is found.
– Card : The main presentation of the information is a card where we can see an image of the Pokémon and its basic characteristics.
– Responsive : We implemented a responsive design for smaller screens, this way we maintain an order in the rendered elements.


Possible Improvements

  • Functionality to compare two or more pokemon at the same time.
  • Improve the design


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