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Simple Pomodoro Timer

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About The Project



On this project, I used one of the frondendmentor challenge as reference. I followed the jpeg files to code as close as possible to reference design.


  • Autoplay: The timer follows pomodoro technique’s original order unless you pause the timer or select the stage manually.
  • Notification Sound: Once a stage is completed, next stage keeps running with a notification sound between each stage.
  • Settings Modal: If you don’t wish to follow original pomodoro durations, you’re able to set custom durations of each stage.
  • Progress bar: Circular progress bar allows you to see remaining time visually.

Built With

This project developed with React and styled with Tailwindcss.


Birkan Yılmaz – @twitter[email protected]

Project Link: https://github.com/birkaany/pomodoro-app/


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