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Pre-Configured list of templates that any Bot List or Bot List Staff are free to use!

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I tried to make contributing to this site as simple as possible.

File Structure


When adding new reasons please make sure you also update the corresponding features file.

Feature Example

const denyFeatures = [
    name: '? Bot Offline',
    description: `Your bot was offline when we tried to review it. Please get your bot online and re-apply.`,
    click: botOffline

Denial Reason Example

import copy from 'copy-to-clipboard';
import toast, { Toaster } from 'react-hot-toast';

const unknownApp = () => {
    copy('There is an unknown application error when trying to invite your bot. Please make sure that the application ID you entered is correct, you have a bot user with your application and your bot application wasnt deleted');
    toast.success('Copied to clipboard!', {
      duration: 4000,
      position: 'bottom-right',
      icon: '?',
      className: 'flex items-center justify-center px-8 py-3 font-mono text-md font-medium text-color2 bg-dark border rounded border-slate-500',
        backgroundColor: '#1e293b',
        color: '#ffffff'
      iconTheme: {
        primary: '#ffff',
        secondary: '#7047BC'

export default unknownApp;

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