mui-color picker and other components

Preview port of Material-ui-color to Mui v5

Collections of color components for material-ui. No dependencies, small, highly customizable and theming support !

Video of ColorPicker

Why another ColorPicker ?

  • Fully compatible with Material-UI : theming and low level components
  • Highly customizable ColorPicker : gradient picker, palette, input format, deferred mode
  • Small in size (<30kb) without any direct dependencies
  • Use modern React hook and coding conventions
  • Documentation made with Storybook, using Component Story Format and MDX


Full documentation is available here :


You can find examples here and here.

Also in codesanbox


  • Works on modern browsers supporting ES6+ (Not compatible with IE)
  • React and Material-UI frameworks


yarn add mui-color

Or using npm

npm install mui-color


you need to have in your dependencies:

    "@mui/material": "^4.11.2",
    "material-ui-popup-state": "^1.7.1",
    "prop-types": "^15.7.2",
    "react": "^17.0.1",
    "react-dom": "^17.0.1",

mui-color bring 5 components.


A popover component to display a color tool box. It uses ColorBox and material-ui-popup-state.

import { ColorPicker } from 'mui-color';

export const Container = () => (
    <ColorPicker defaultValue="transparent"/>

At first it display a button + an input

ColorPicker documentation

<ColorBox />

A component to display a color tool box

import { ColorBox } from 'mui-color';

export const Container = () => (
    <ColorBox defaultValue="transparent"/>

ColorBox documentation

<ColorInput />

An input component to display/edit color values in different format (plain, hex, rgb, hsl, hsv).

import { ColorInput } from 'mui-color';

export const Container = () => (
    <ColorInput defaultValue="red"/>

ColorInput documentation

<ColorPalette />

A component to display a grid of color buckets.

import { ColorPalette } from 'mui-color';

const palette = {
  red: '#ff0000',
  blue: '#0000ff',
  green: '#00ff00',
  yellow: 'yellow',
  cyan: 'cyan',
  lime: 'lime',
  gray: 'gray',
  orange: 'orange',
  purple: 'purple',
  black: 'black',
  white: 'white',
  pink: 'pink',
  darkblue: 'darkblue',

export const Container = () => (
    <ColorPalette palette={palette} />

ColorPalette documentation

<ColorButton />

Displays a button filled with a color

import { ColorButton } from 'mui-color';

export const Container = () => (
    <ColorButton color="red"/>

ColorButton documentation


v1.0.0 – Current version

  • remove styled-components to have less dependencies and reduce size
  • display wrong color using a red checked box
  • bugs fixes


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.


Released under MIT License


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